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Autonomy founder Lynch scores extradition decision delay as Home Sec ponders sending him to US


It's a game of chicken...

It's ridiculous that we haven't got a verdict in the civil case yet and it feels like Priti Patel is now engaged in a game of chicken with the civil trial judge Mr Justice Hildyard.

Who's going to blink first? Priti with the extradition ruling (which should be a rubber stamp by the rules), or Hildyard with the civil case outcome?

I guess Priti's gamble is that Lynch is found (to some extent) guilty in the civil trial, and then the extradition is politically easy for her.

...not so easy if he's found not guilty though - particularly since it's a balance of probability test.

Sadly, this is now all to do with politics and UK/US relations rather than anything to do with justice.

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