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What comes first, the Roasting Chicken or the Fabergé Easter Egg ?

When organizations, such as financial institutions and law enforcement agencies, gain insight into the operational dynamics of malicious cybercriminal communities, they can better understand threat actor TTPs; access potentially vital observations in real-time; leverage that information to thwart a ransomware attack. .......

Imitation is the sincerest phorm of flattery, so they say, and such an avenue of/for exploration and exploitation is that which renders all information/Technology and Product Development well enough widely known to be extremely valuable and rewarding either in relatively anonymous secret private, pirate, public use or more general utilisation and facility, and such can even generate unbelievable wealth with zero future use reflecting a tacit and temporary agreement to refrain from further exercise and revelation of the foundational bones of developments which can clearly and easily cause almighty colossally destructive collapse in remotely targeted systems.

And whenever wealth? is easily simply delivered in the virtual transfer of fiat to a unlimited credit/debit card account, for the holder's oft extravagant and/or expensive spending feeds and needs/wants and desires, and an account in which the balance on checking is always that fixed virtual transfer of fiat constant, is the cost priceless and always unambiguously indicative of the arrangement being still acceptable as perfectly valid.

IT aint rocket science, Creative CyberSpace Command and Control with/of/for Computers and Communications.

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