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Autonomy founder Lynch scores extradition decision delay as Home Sec ponders sending him to US

Alan Johnson

Lynch him

"However, Lynch has been evaluated by a British court, and was eviscerated."

Lynch's arguments againest extradition has been eviscerated. The civil case against him for fraud has yet to reach a judgement after an immense delay and this suggest at the very least that the case against him for fraud is weak. If it is difficult to prove to a standard of balance of probabilities then there shoudl be little or no prospect of proving it to a criminal standard. The unfortunate reality is the US criminal justice system is intrinsically unjust and corrupt in the system of plea bargaining and immunities in return for testimony. The venue is clearly inappropriate and unfair, a UK citizen, running a UK company operating in the UK under UK accounting rules, that sold shares within the UK is brought before a US court for these actiosn within the UK. This alone is grossly unfair and puts the defendant at a severe disadvantage. The case is clearly a charade designed to obscure the abject incompetence, financial negligence and childish misjudgements which caused them to lose vast amounts of money.

There is a very real chace that Lynch could be found not to have committed fraud or only to have committed very insignificant and minor fraud to a statndard of the balance of probabilities while being found guilty of serious widespread fraud in the US to a standard of beyond reasonable doubt. This will just highlight quite who mush cof a sham teh US courts are in a case like this. Sushovan Hussain has already been convicted for little more than refusing demands from the prosecutors to perjure himself and accuse Lynch of fraud.

An extradition treaty should not be a tool for venue shopping in order to secure convictions that could not be secured where the alleged crimes were committed.

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