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Element's latest bridge for Matrix: 'All the good stuff from WhatsApp, without the less good Facebook stuff'

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I don't mean to be harsh, but I'm not really sure what the UX / UI teams at Element are being paid for. The mobile client takes upwards of 10 minutes to sync, the desktop / mobile client / Synapse (server) is downright slow, messages get stuck to the bottom on both desktop on mobile. I guess I'm just surprised when they say they worked on it for 5 years.

The development experience with JavaScript / TypeScript is... getting there, but it's far from perfect. The JS lib is a mess, most of it's untyped and poorly documented. It all feels disappointing.

Part of me is secretly rooting for Element, though. It's better than something like Discord or Slack, in that it's open-source. But man, I really don't want to trade developer UX, convenience and overall polish for online privacy. I wish there was a better way.

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