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... certainly be found guilty, no matter what the facts are.


I have been for a long time convinced that the ... longest cross-examinations in modern English legal history ... are not because this is a complex case.

Far from it.

To me it is clear cut: HP screwed up and now needs a fall guy to make up for the US$ 6.6 billion of shareholder money they proactively insisted to flush down the loo.

It has been carried out in this manner ie: ... record for the longest wait for judgment... so that Lynch gets effectively extradited before judgement is handed down.

Once he is in one of those comfortable prisons the US is notorious for, he can then be found to be innocent (which I am quite sure he is) but as ... the extradition proceedings have overtaken the civil trial ... it will be rendered irrelevant.

All this is absolutely outrageous and sets a very bad example internationally.

If this happens in the UK, what can you expect elsewhere?


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