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Think you've got it bad?

Palo Alto rolled out a fiber ring around the City in 1983[0]. It runs along the same line of telephone poles that my parents get their PG&E electricity, cable TV and POTS from. They have been unable to get fiber from the city for nearly 40 years. Guess why. That's right, money. Palo Alto keeps trying, but the total cost always is far more expensive than any financial returns could possibly justify.

(The existing fiber is somewhat obsolete ... but last time I heard it still lights and passes bits with no errors, even when as saturated as the test equipment allows. More importantly, the right of way still exists.)

[0] Yes, I know. Very early. Palo Alto's always been progressive. As an example, they started brainwashingteaching school kids about recycling in the late 1960s, with a recycling center opening in 1971 for household drop off; curbside household pickup started six or seven years later.

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