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Lawyers paid more than the claimants

That's not _inherently_ a bad thing, but the problem is the first part - lawyers (or their UK equivalent.) Get them involved and they'll find out a way to screw over everyone to benefit themselves.

Take a hypothetical example:

Bad company overcharges everyone by $5

The remedy to make them whole? Let's call it $7 to account for inflation, annoyance, what-have-you.

There are 1,000 members of the class

That means the award to the class should be $7000

Now lawyers are expensive. Time to research documents, line up witnesses, perform testing/reports/etc. It call costs money, and that cost might be far in excess of the damages actually done to the class - but without that being done, the class couldn't win its case and gets $0.

So if there was a judgement for $1,000,000 with $7000 going to the class, it _could_ be that the class was fairly compensated, and all that extra cost was the cost of extracting that money they were owed from Bad Company.

That's not actually what happens in practice - usually the lawyers get what money they can and make sure they are paid, and whatever pennies are left over get divided amongst the class members, so they all get checks (or cheques in the UK) for a few pennies each.

Rail not against the fact that there is an unequal split, but rather that the lawyers put themselves first.

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