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If you're not sold on the benefits of 5G, Ericsson suggests you keep an eye on gaming, home broadband



<blockquote>5G networks [...] as an alternative to wired connections.</blockquote>

Except home internet is a much less profitable product, and cellular providers want to make money... LOTS of money. They're accustomed to making lots of money. They might make decent money in the very few areas where there is good 5th Gen cellular coverage and no wire-line ISPs, but there aren't a lot of places like that. Instead they're going to have to compete with unlimited high speed 50/mo providers on price... and those providers lower their prices when competition arrives.

So cellular providers are going to find their ample cash flow drying up as investors see the profit margin/returns on their services shrinking, despite their bluster about their latest, faster networks.

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