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> Wireless, no matter which "G" can only replace broadband if every other street lamp is fibre fed and a 5G or 4G cell.

We will reach that point sooner than you think. That's part of 5G, and that's why there's those factories connected autonomous vehicles tested in factories

In some of the frequencies used the cell size will be very small, and that's the one with the high bandwidth.

5G ( once fullly deployed ) uses several frequency ranges going from the freed analog TV broadcast frequencies ( low bandwidth, but very long range... good for voice calls ), to the microwave oven/radar frequencies ( very high bandwidth, but small range, will require beam forming to optimize the range while keeping the power low enough that it won't fry your brain cells ) and going through the good old 2G/3G/4G frequency ranges ( that stands somewhere in the middle : bandwidth so so and range not that bad )

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