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If you're not sold on the benefits of 5G, Ericsson suggests you keep an eye on gaming, home broadband


well, that's wildly unconvincing

First of all, those two use cases are the same use case. Cloud-based gaming is just one thing you can do with a fixed internet connection.

And for the vast majority of people, a wired connection is still going to be better than anything 5G can manage. The industry has been trying to sell us cellular home internet since, what, HSPA? And it's been nonsense every time. You can always push more bits faster through a wire than you can through the air; this has been true forever and shows no signs of stopping being true any time soon.

As with every previous attempt at this, 5G fixed wireless will fill a small niche of users in areas that are underserved by wired broadband, and...that will be it. Everyone else will keep on doing their cloud-based gaming and everything else they do with their home internet connection through some sort of cable.

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