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I know little about .Net but the article was about Java, Java Spring is devided into well separated libs.

Spring context is under 1mb, that provides both the xml driven version which is still usable but a little dated as most code I have seen uses the annotation driven style, since Java 5.

You can make a mess with any tool, one of the things I like about Spring is if someone does, you can fix it one service at a time without leaving your ide.

It's more difficult to write spaghetti code.

It's not all good, not a fan of spring-batch,

But I'll take jdbcTemplates in preference to any ORM.

My .m2/repository needs spring cleaning (geddit) it has 19 versions of spring-core + deps (gulp) and totals 85 mb.

If you have a 150mb classpath you have some other problem.

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