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Here is news of a General who recognises the catastrophic deficit in UKGBNI Command and Control of Future Fields and would welcome what is no less than absolutely necessary outside of military command help .......

However, the abiding difficulty one may experience is that the extremely strange and fundamentally novel nature of such as are now certainly the most powerful and energetic of leading theatres of executive and populous engagement results so oft in news of the necessary help being free available from home sources being dismissed thusly ......

Thank you for expressing an interest in AWE 20. The paper sift has now been completed.

During the paper sift stage of the project each product was marked on its own merits by a team of Military and MOD personnel as well as engineers from DE&S. It was decided as a panel that AWE 20 would not be the right trials arena to test and understand the technology. As I’m sure you can understand we have a limited time to investigate a wide range of products from a wide question set and as such the panel had to ensure that AWE was the most appropriate arena to test the products. Products such as yours will be passed onto relevant project teams / TDUs to ensure awareness of the product is raised and I would encourage you to attend the VIP day to gain further exposure for the technology.

The clear and present danger then, should such be a persistent situation, is that leading technology is engaged and employed and developed further beyond the reach of home based teams by switched-on foreigners/Savvy SMARTR Competitors for such as may very well be new knowledge abhors a vacuum and will naturally migrate to where it is appreciated and where reward can be enjoyed.

And anonymous dumb downvotes on the matters revealed here are indicative of the problem.

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