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If only Apple would actually implement message filtering

A glaring gap in iOS is that it still, 12? 13? years down the line, doesn’t have any sort of iMessage/SMS filtering or whitelisting capability.

I am plagued by an incessant bombardment of crude/nasty/offensive/stupid spam texts. Apparently the scammers think my name is either Fred or Ramon. Their latest campaign consists of impersonating my carrier, with oh-so-convincing pleas along the lines of “Free message from At&t: Ramon, thanks for paying your bill, we want to give you $617.37 as a thank, please click :// to claim”.

Come on apple. Simple keyword filtering, that’s all I ask. There are tribes of tree-dwelling bonobos in the Congo that have figured out how to do that, I’m sure it’s not beyond the wit of a trillion-dollar tech company…

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