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I think the problem is that the whole remain campaign (and certainly David Cameron) assumed Remain would win. That's probably why Cameron didn't specify a limit for the referendum. He didn't think of it because he thought that once they got the referendum they were asking for, and lost, the Tory Eurosceptics would shut up.

The problem is, they didn't lose, and even when the remain campaign started fighting, they fought with facts. The problem is facts, while often correct, don't engage people's emotions as much as a good bit of lying. Put simply, the leave campaign said "Stuff is broken, we will fix it" (as did Trump in 2016), which engages people's emotions far more than the simply stating that the other campaign is wrong, and things are generally OK, which is what the remain campaign did in this country and what Clinton did in the US. Even if you are telling the truth.

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