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Grover's Algorithm is often described as "database search", but that doesn't mean QC will magically make your SQL SELECTs faster. What Grover's actually does is: Given a function that takes a bit string and returns {0,1}, Grover's will find an input that returns 1 with probability 0.5 by examining N1/2 candidates.

So if you define the function as taking "the parameters of the thing I'm searching for and its index" and the result 1 as "yes, this is the thing I'm searching for", and you keep running Grover's until you get a correct result, then on average you only have to run it twice and examine 2 * \sqrt N to find the thing you're looking for.

Similarly, you can use it to find the key for a symmetric encryption algorithm as long as you have a good oracle for testing candidate keys (e.g. a known plaintext prefix). There are various other applications.

But it only gives a quadratic speedup, and it's useful for unstructured search of the domain. For "databases" in the common sense, we already have O(lg N) indices, so a quadratic speedup is worse (much worse if N is large, obviously). And for breaking symmetric keys, even if your QC is as fast as the fastest conventional computer (which it will not be), doubling the key length kills the quantum advantage.

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