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Big Blue's quantum rainmaker jumps to room-temp diamond quantum accelerator company

bombastic bob Silver badge

we'll have electricity from nuclear fusion in ten years.

actually that could theretically be done NOW but the efficiency and reliability would really SUCK

(stupid 2nd law of thermodynamics, stupid limitations of construction materials)

so you wanted to say PRACTICAL electricity being generated by nuclear fusion, I think.

(PRACTICAL fusion may happen whenever scientists stop RESEARCHING and start GETTING PRODUCT TO MARKET - good luck with THAT, yeah, especially if you're paid to RESEARCH and NOT develop a marketable product)

As for quantum computing, I still have NOT figured out how it could be used in actual practice. Are we using entangled q-bits to transmit data instantly so we can clock at zillions of Hz or ?? or is it like a 'maybe gate' that hopefully collapses into the correct solution once its quantum state is known...

(I have read a number of documents regarding the creation of qbits, but very little on practical algorithms that can actually USE them, and of course they don't seem to live very long and so you'll always be creating more, in VERY large numbers)

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