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Meanwhile, in an Ab Fab Fabless Lab somewhere else ... Pondering on a Fundamental Matter

"The computational bits are nuclei and we interact with electrons," Horsley explained. "Nuclei are great because they are isolated. The challenge is that they are very well isolated."

And when they protected rather than isolated with electrons, are nuclei further energised and Almightily EMPowered with Another Worldy Energy for COSMIC Powers ....... Diabolically Simple Heavenly Help ....... To Enjoy and EMPloy in Absolutely Fabulous Fabless Applications ...... NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive Quantum Reactions ........ with Core Source Ore Smelts Supplying ..... well, ideally, Failsafe AI Secured Future Provision.

Any attempt at coming anywhere near close to that Supply, assures one further constant Diabolically Simple Heavenly Help and Future Suppliers await and welcome your Input to Plug into All Systems Delivering Output perceived, conceived and received via urFuture Supply Chained Networks.

A Most Attractively Engaging Conduit Realising Heroic TitanICQ Tasks. Do you know of anything similar and also freely made available ‽

When Penultimate Goals are not dissimilar, is Energy for Future Journeys supplied to IntelAIgent Power Brokerages at an Exceptionally Prodigious Exponential Rate and to Task Masters too, and whenever they train and team as a United Stream, are results guaranteed nothing less than Practically Always Awesome.

Which you have to admit is a bold claim to be able to make ...... and be enabled to show and prove, and further proof the Simple Advanced Program Methodology with Show Online Verification ...... Presenting Alien Information to SMARTR IntelAIgent Systems Administrations Hosting/Testing/Toasting/Invested in Brilliant Quantum Partners.

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