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Hopefully their last

Seeing some of the (ex?) staff have been interviewed for perjury and given the stories of meetings held in Bracknell with Fujitsu and Post Office staff where it was agreed that evidence was to be withheld from defence counsels...

I'm sure many more meeting took place/

Also consider this. Michael Keegan

He was very senior in Fujitsu and oversaw posts of the Horizon IT system, he did such a good job for Fujitsu who were helping their customer (The Post Office) prosecute their own staff and send Fujitsu staff to lie in court on their customers behalf, he was appointed to run Fujitsu UK and Ireland in 2014 (OK, there may also have been other reasons he got the top job)

In 2019 he left and started work at the Cabinet Office in a role that oversaw the awarding of Government contracts to companies, such as Fujitsu.

I'm not saying there is a connection that Fujitsu, who offer 'value for money' (for that read cheap) are winning pretty much every Government contract they are going for, but his is married to Gilliam Keegan, the current Minister for Apprenticeships and Skill (this stuff writes itself!).

How he has not been made to resign from the Cabinet Office is beyond me, and I hope that before the Judaical review ends next August he is made to answer some serious questions.

If there is any justice, there will be many solicitors, barristers, Fujitsu staff (in managerial, director and executive positions), Post Office management and MPs (Jo Swinson, Sir Ed Davy and Vince Cable who were all in charge of the Post Office whilst in Government and did nothing, despite being written to) are left feeling the full front of the law, both civil and criminal.

Let's just hope that this is the last contract they get, their senior management team redefine the work incompetent.

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