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One of the best horror games ever made

I remember playing this game, and I remember feeling rather on edge whilst doing so... and I'm a now 42yr old man who's not afraid of much.

I was sat here playing one evening, it was still daylight when I started... but the evening drew in and it got dark... I'd not put any lights on yet, and no one else was in the house that night.

I heard a noise from the spare bedroom.

I froze in my seat... hairs on the back of my neck and arms raised... a chill ran down my spine.

I didn't move for what seemed like ages.

I slowly got up and walked across my home office and onto the landing.

Quickly hit the light switch, pulled the spare bedroom fully closed and ran back into my office.

I'll admit it... I was scared... and it was this game that put me in that frame of mind.

Any game that can do that to you... is worth the price in my book. The fact that game was visually stunning, very engaging (albeit a little too linear for my liking) and kept you on the edge of your seat is a bonus.

I've not played it in years... perhaps it's time to fire up steam and reinstall it... got a much more powerful system since 2014 and can now play in 1440p 144hz with all settings cranked to the max.

If you don't hear from me for a few days... it got me.

Icon... because it's the most alien like one I could choose. :)

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