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a decade or so ago I was using a commute train in southern CA to avoid traffic (went up to 75MPH in spots, but mostly under 40). Unfortunately the trip time kept increasing (due to inconvenient bus re-scheduling at the destination, mostly) so I stopped doing it. But while i was using the train many of us train riders wanted wifi. A laptop made it possible to do work, but I usually just played music and had an "alarm" go off 5 minutes before my stop in case I nodded off...

Trains being used as off-site work zones could mean shorter actual work days, recovering time while commuting, but at the expensive of inconvenience and bad scheduling practices. Unfortunately the trade-off got SO bad I withstood the traffic that I HATE to save over an HOUR each way...

(bus arrives too early, leaves too late, inconvenient "everyone on one or two for-the-train buses" and their convenient-for-the-politicians schedules, buses slowed down in traffic and hence picks up earlier and earlier, drop you off later and later, and they leave you at the station longer and longer, etc. etc. - not a good thing after initially being pretty cool)

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