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Poly Network says it's got pretty much all of that $610m in stolen crypto-coins back

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

"if they decide to pursue the person involved."


he stole 600 mil...hmm...should we pursue him...?

Not only did he do one of the BIGGEST heist,

but others must not see that you can try and steal stuff, and if it doesnt work

simply return it...

He said "sorry for the inconvenience..".

I dont have words.

He thought his messages would help him down the line when he faces law enforcement

but on the contrary it'll show he didn't have real remorse and was simply trying to intelligently (FAILED miserably)

massage his replies so it helps him.

Put him SUPER long behind bars or we'll suffer as a nation like nothing we can imagine

With future would be att-hackers.

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