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Poly Network says it's got pretty much all of that $610m in stolen crypto-coins back

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Frozen by Tether

And there you are.


Trivial to remotely freeze.

Your fake transaction currency couldn't even be used to pay OnlyFans crotch fiddlers.

Add the core problems:

It collapses as soon as more people want out than in,

It is constantly being inflated by miners,

Every transaction is recorded for posterity forever,

If ever it became a real transaction medium, the blockchain size would be too big for users to hold, but you can guarantee that the FBI holds a *full* copy. So even the blockchain part is utterly useless.

If you use it, you're likely to be exit scammed, because the players pushing it know the false nature of the product they push. They are already deep into the scam, so what's a little deeper?!

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