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Just compare the startup time of Windows 10 1511, compared to Windows 10 21H1, and you have to ask, for what exacty?

It must be 10 secs+ added on, for 21H1, on some older core2duo hardware with an SSD, running at SATA2 speeds.

Some much bloatware/intrusive telemetry, monitoring everything and anything, in Windows 10 21H1, and the same, going forward with Windows 11.

What happened to just storing the bare minimum, same with Government, don't they realise that all this data collection costs real money in terms of cloud storage? And importantly, on a subscription/data upload/download basis.

In the perfect IT world, the idea is for law-abiding individuals to have has little interaction with Government as possible, thereby storing as little as possible. Thereby costing taxpayers as little as possible.

When will Government/Companies learn that storing information just because they can (eg.the utter demeaning and intrusive application for Universal Credit as an example), then never doing anything useful with that data, storing it indefinitely is utterly pointless and bloody expensive, in the scheme of things.

But then, it also stops those genuinely in need from claiming, not wishing to give up their privacy, maybe that's the whole reason behind the massive data grab and why I never want to work on another Government project ever.

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