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Is it just me?

Or does anybody else wonder what happens when people need to don and doff their VR headset every 5 minutes to do things in the real world while on the meetings? I'm old school and find it useful to take and refer to hand written notes when in meetings if they aren't just done so somebody can feel important and talk about something that has nothing to do with me or my department. Even as an outside contractor I'd get dragged into these snoozefests until I made it very expensive in my contracts for me to attend unless absolutely required and only with a very small group.

I get that knowing what's going on is important. The last real job I had, we held a company meeting every Monday morning. That was around 15 people on a conference call and it was kept very short. All of the department heads, and most of us were one person departments, gave a quick brief on where we were with projects and what we expected to accomplish that week along with asking for the input we would need. The company directors would let us know what the current priorities were and if anything has changed or might change. If those meetings were an hour, it would have been a long gab. 45 minutes was pretty common. We then all went back to work and got things done. Every other "meeting" was quick and to the point.

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