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Not gonna connect to the cloud

I've worked in several industries where divulging designs was not only against company policy but against the law. This has made me very suspicious of any bit of kit that must have a connection to the Net to work. Not only that, I don't want the status of my internet connection to dictate whether I can get work done or not. The reliability at home this summer has been horrible. It shouldn't be an issue anyway. Big CNC machines work just fine without having to phone home so why can't a piddly little 3D printer? The electronics are dirt cheap compared to 30 years ago when I bought my first CNC mill. The main board in that mill was the price of a good used car to replace. Fortunately, I was able to find where the magic smoke came out and replace that cap rather than get a refurbed board after I found out what that would cost. These days, a full set of motor controllers is the price of a nice dinner date with drinks (no desert). A low end PC to drive them is dang near free.

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