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That video was brilliant! Although, as he points out in the end, only really useful if your are very unlikely to be addressed directly, otherwise you spend more time preparing for and monitoring the the meeting ready to trigger the relevant clips :-)

Now, if only we had real AI and proper, good quality, speech recognition. The no one would ever have to do another online meeting ever again! Just leave the automated AIs to have meetings for ever more.

I believe at least one civilisation came to an end because the AI meetings just got bigger and bigger 'till they took over the entire worlds comms bandwidth and ate up all the available power, resulting in traffic lights failing, aircraft falling from the skies and the local equivalent of MTV shutting down causing the people to return to the stone age.[*]

* One of the many quotes from The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy never actually written by Douglas Adams and therefore never actually seen in print before.

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