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Trust Facebook to find a way to make video conferencing more miserable and tedious

Stuart Castle Silver badge

First, before I post this, I have an Oculus Quest 2, and am happy to use it.

I don't think it's a good fit for most business though. Facebook's much touted business mode offers very limited multitasking , and can't currently multitask VR apps (surely the major reason one would buy a VR headeset). You can access your PC desktop, but while this is handy, it requires a specific logitech keyboard if you don't want to use the controllers to type.

This horizon thing is an interesting idea badly executed. I prefer in person meetings. Why? Because you can see how people are reacting to you, often including a lot of signals that are obvious in person and possibly wouldn't show up on a camera (things like the way they are sitting and whether they are tapping their feet or fingers). You may not even be aware you are noticing these signs.

Any kind of online meeting system (e.g. Teams) will hide most of those signals from you because they are probably occurring in a part of the other person's body that isn't on camera, and any noise they are making is probably filtered by the noise cancellation software.

The Oculus software goes one step further. From what I can tell, it hides the *entire* person from your view, not just their body. You have no idea what they are doing unless they are doing it with their hands.

Actually, I fail to see what value VR offers to meetings. If the graphics were good enough that if you (say) looked at a chair, and it looked like there was a person sitting in it, attending the meeting, that would be generally useful, and even cool. What facebook is offering is ,at best, a cartoon avatar for your. Can you imagine (say) standing up giving a presentation outlining the latest sales figures for whatever product to a bunch of cartoons?

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