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Cloud load balancer snafu leads to 3D printer user printing on a stranger's kit

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I disagree, half of the problem with 3d printers is that they have been maker made and designed, and then joe public buys them.

If i had a pound for every time i see simple 3axis machine guaranteed to need fettling back to tolerances after half a print because rather than get a farnell/RS account and buy say nylon sprockets the maker chooses to print them instead, or use sort of true threaded rod in place of a ballscrew or acme thread with backlash adjustment and instead rely on the thread cut into plastic to provide precise movement.

I admit things have improved but when i started building machines 20 odd years ago, my starting point was ripping apart old printers and using battle proven bits, i mean if its survived 20 years in a dot matrix printer printing daily then its probably gonna be just fine in my rinkydink desktop milling machines. Im more surprised that the high street hasnt been filled with 3d print shops, taking the place of where colour photo copier facilities were in the 90's....

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