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Cloud load balancer snafu leads to 3D printer user printing on a stranger's kit

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Its a problem with makers in my opinion, shun whats come before reinvent at every turn and cut corners through ignorance (there are some very good ones, i my self am a self described maker, but some of the dangerous crap wiring, crap design and wilful disregard of safety features has soured my opinion)

Double whammy of that when you combine cloud with makers, relying on IP just reinforces my opinion that they "know enough to be dangerous"

Again if makers used real tools or bothered to understand the 40 odd years of automated Design Rule Checks and CNC and CAD in general 99% of failed 3d prints could be avoided, most of the time it comes down to forgetting to cut the feed to the extruder and moving or just not understanding the tolerances of the machine your using, million and one ways of detecting both with no need to invoke the "give me money" buzzword of AI, but rather than invest in the makers experience the software suppliers instead tries and hides necessary complexity so that people can cling to the 2012 dream of extruded plastic somehow being a startrek replicator and presenting a big pastel coloured print button

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