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Zoom is fatiguing

And then you go list the negatives of all the other teleconference systems.

Based upon my own experience, teleconferencing is, and will ALWAYS be, inherently "fatiguing". Why? Because human nature: IRL people can move their bodies and show discomfort, and this can be perceived by the speaker to speed up the presentation.

Teleconferencing misses all that. Plus, PLUS, people have a habit of blabbering and extending a teleconference topic under the belief that they have everyone's welcome attentions.

Teleconferencing will ALWAYS be tedious because there will always be people who can not focus their discussions and be terse. Say what you need to, and get out.

That works IRL because of the physical presence; in teleconferencing, people feel no need to rush, we have the time. Because we scheduled you for an hour, even though our data can be exchanged in 20 minutes or less. Since you promised us that hour, we have lots of time to kill

In other words, you are all doomed. Cut the network cables now, folks, it will only get worse from here.

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