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You can barely install the drivers / runtime for the headsets without a bunch of DRM disguised as the Oculus Store (and Steam for the Vive side of the camp).

I had a medical VR project and it was all so horrible I decided to chuck all that scum away and leverage a much lower level technology called OpenHMD for a decent offline solution with a more deterministic lifespan.

The OpenXR standard is also using OpenHMD as an underlying base these days. The fact that Facebook and Valve are even allowed to be members of the OpenXR group is criminal. These basta*rds have been an absolute disservice to the VR community.

Microsoft isn't much better. The Hololens artificially over consumers the dying Windows-only UWP API making it a non-starter too for industrial / medical use. Even in sodding streaming mode. Absolutely pants! Bunch of clowns.

So ultimately, if I wanted to chat, just give me an IRC client any day. None of this broken VR crap until these arses have gone on to something else they can suck dry.

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