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After reportedly dragging its feet, BlackBerry admits, yes, QNX in cars, equipment suffers from BadAlloc bug

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I've worked with instrumentation, computers, computer-controlled machinery and networks - designing, building, using, maintaining, protecting and (lately) defending the bloomin' things - for more than forty years in all sorts of settings.

I know what they're good, and what (and where) they're not so good. I know what the risks are.

In my car (and worse - on my motorcycles, three of which can comfortably exceed twice the highest speed limit on our public roads, and one of which can on a good day exceed three times that limit) I am going to be in situations which, if something goes seriously wrong with the vehicle, will be at least very seriously embarrassing and, in the case of the faster motorcycles, quite likely fatal to the driver.

The car and the motorcycles are all around twenty years old.

I can live with the electronics, but I really do NOT want computers in them, thank you very much, and that is *why* they're all around twenty years old.

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