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After reportedly dragging its feet, BlackBerry admits, yes, QNX in cars, equipment suffers from BadAlloc bug


This bug is everywhere else too

QNX appear to use the same calloc as many GNU projects and the same bug has been in MS products since they learned to love C. calloc has always been odd when called with out small sizes that are nice powers of two since the function might just try to guess how things are aligned. A calloc(10,5) might assume that 10 items need to be 8 byte aligned (like large floating point numbers on a number of older architectures) and allocate 80 bytes compared to the 50 that many programmers would expect. It is another C function that was useful in its day and now shouldn't be used. Does calloc(3689348815, 5000000000) return a null on your system (assuming you can malloc 1.3g)?

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