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"it is not surprising that potential non-US and/or BAME participants question whether their voice will be heard and their decision not to participate maintains the status quo."

That's an issue for the IT sector as a whole, not just the IETF. Your own IT department (or company boardroom or parliament or...) is unlikely to have a number of non-US and/or BAME (or gay or disabled or....) people in proportion to their share of the overall population.

Non-US and/or BAME participants are and have been in prominent leadership positions in the IETF. Their voices haven't just been heard, they've had the support and peer recognition to become co-chairs of working groups, area directors and so on. That should at least show non-US and/or BAME participants that there are role models who got those positions on merit. BTW, the current chair of the IAB (which oversees the IETF) is a German woman. The previous IETF chair was an American woman.

That's not to say everything's fine at the IETF because there's clearly more work to be done on this topic. A bunch of predominantly old fat guys and greybeards does have an image problem.

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