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Latest technical data from Public Health England shows a higher death rate in vaccinated than unvaccinated people under 50 for the delta variant which is the complete opposite of the much more dangerous alpha. There’s a fair number in the over 50s that are vaccinated dying from it but without knowing the age and health of those concerned that could be entirely expected. For the under 50s you could generally assume a higher starting point for general health.

This fits with what some epidemiologists have been saying with regards to the immune system having a better response in the unvaccinated.

More research clearly needed but unfortunately the bandwagon is near terminal velocity and anyone pointing out the relative innocuousness of the delta variant for the healthy and the similarity of its case fatality rate to that of flu are quickly silenced despite the support of the statistics.

As one specialist pointed out, a lot of the deaths in the UK can be linked to the decades long increase in obesity and poor general health in the population at large.

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