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@AC, I agree with what you say, it is like that with my employer. If I want to work on a personal project, I have to get approval, if approved my employer has no claim on the IP. That does not mean my employer has a veto on any personal projects I want to do, only ones that can be shown to fall within the area I work in.

The problem with Amazon Game Studios employment contract is that it gives them a license to the IP and has to be sold through them etc for personal games they allow their employees to work on.

Now a game dev working for a game studio would expect to find it unlikely for their employer to approve working on a game project outside of the studio but if they did get approval they should not have to give their employer "a royalty free, worldwide, fully paid-up, perpetual, transferable license to any and all of [the employee's] intellectual property rights associated with the Personal Game”

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