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I have seen these terms in the UK. I've even seen similar clauses in umbrella contracts.

These companies just look at all kind of ways to get you, enslave you and take every inch of value you can create paying as little as possible or ideally nothing.

As erosion of employment laws continues, these will be more and more prevalent.

These things are not taught in schools and many engineers sign these on the face value and reassurance from the employer or client "these are just the standard terms to protect you and us, there is nothing to worry about. You are free to take these to your solicitor to go over". Most people are going to think "oh they are not worried that I could take it to a solicitor, so that must be fine. I won't be spending £300+ to get an opinion for a job I might not even get if it turns out to be dodgy and they seem to be very nice people." or "I really need to get this job and I don't want to be seen as a troublemaker from the start. I am not making any side projects anyway so who cares."

The point is, any contract can be amended and you should always ask for changes that suit you.

You may spend £300+ for a legal opinion once, but you'll learn and have something to use in any subsequent contracts as many use the same tricks over and over.

...and if a company won't take you as a result? Congrats, you dodged a bullet.

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