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Avast, ye takeover lawyers! NortonLifeLock to acquire security rival

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Anonymous Coward

I have tried Norton, nothing wrong with it but just kept flagging things that I knew were safe, got annoyint so that went. Then tried Avira, again it was OK but still kept flagging the files that I knew were safe, and thats gone (also owned by Norton). Then finally tried Avast, did the same but when I told it the files that it flagged were safe, it ignored me and deleted them. So that went too. Windows Defender isnt the greatest antivirus but at least its not as resource hungry (as far as I can tell) as the other 3 but does the job. All I did was change the firewall to Comodo, which has its delightful quirk of having a half arsed antivirus which I turn off immediately along with HIPS, auto containment and website filtering (I just want the firewall!!).

I find it a bit odd that no one has said anything about Norton owning Avira and buying Avast, and Avast owns AVG.... this is getting confusing.

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