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Won't someone think of the Ops folks?

Every time I see a developer-centric article about 'including a JRE in your installer' for the given aim of 'so that users don't have to manage installing a JRE' I want to first scream into a pillow while briefly imagining horrible things I want to do to any developer that does that.

If *I* deploy a JRE, my managment processes will know about it, report on it, and keep it up to date. When devs sneak in four different JREs alongside their apps, now I *think* I have patched all the JRE security vulnerabilities, but all I've done is patched the one *I* installed and know about. The four private copies I didn't know the various applications were *actually* using and are just waiting for the bad guys to find and exploit the vulnerabilities in these unpatched private copies.

This is an anti-pattern, and I wish IDE makers would quit enabling this behavior. :(

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