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I took that line to be sarcastic. .....marcellothearcane

:-) Indeed so, marcellothearcane, you are certainly correct. Thanks for making that point so perfectly clear.

The madness though is, with so much being spent, ..... and with so much of the spend also admittedly being a known unknown and zealously guarded Top Secret to boot .... so little is returned to reward MoD efforts. Such suggests a greater and more intelligent leadership and programs are required to succeed extensively and exemplarily in all fields which would do battle with ....... well, proactive engagement is where all the novel revolutionary advances are made to be maintained and sustained for exploitation and export/import.

It is hard not to equate such as may flit between crazy and lazy madness as simple incompetence which opens up a vast range of doors to stores in which to rummage and lay waste to assets uncovered there if ever it be decided they be designedly incompatible with future greater use purpose.

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