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'Prophetic' Steve Jobs autograph telling kid to 'go change the world!' among Apple memorabilia at auction

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I agree with everything but the cancer part, that's not really cool and who's to FACTUALLY say what prevents death from cancer? Go out on your own terms.

KnobJobs aside, I continue to shake my head at the fact that the people who pay for these have no clue who actually made them. With every sale, the name of that person becomes more and more faint and forgotten. But hey, Al Gore invented the internet.

P.S. The first successful Apple product was the trailblazer for the iPhone, which was the iPod (although that seems to be forgotten as well... but I guess it's all about NOW! NOW! NOW!).

P.S.S. I'm not sure you're using " lowest common denominator" (LCD) correctly :-/

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