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Reminds me of being a graduate student at a certain university in the north of England. In the staff common room where the grad students and lecturers and profs emeritus 'hung out' chatting maths, politics, football etc., there was a water boiler and a tub of instant coffee, and chart. The chart listed everyone's name and when you got a coffee (or tea) you marked the event on the chart and every month paid for what you had drunk. This raised the question each time you got a coffee "who shall I be today?"

(Eventually the system folded and people just had to buy their own jars or tea bags.)

The fridge kept the milk cool, and people marked their own cartons. I once caught a very senior prof stealing MY milk and gave him a stern telling off. (Fortunately he wasn't my prof., but all the same, one has to draw the line somewhere.)

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