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Leeds City Council swallows the Gartner glossary and orders up 'post-modern' ERP in £44m SAP replacement

Roger Greenwood

It's going to be a wild ride - the various councils within West Yorkshire (some large, some small) all seem to hate each other. Local rivalry or something but there appears to be very little co-operation and co-ordination between them on the ground. That's before you add South and North to the mix, not forgetting Humberside who couldn't even keep "East" in the name.

If in doubt rename it - try and find Kirklees town centre on a map. That was an attempt to unify various smaller towns but seems to have ended up alienating a lot of old grumps. Leeds as the unifying force would work as it is the gorilla but is being hugely resisted.

Northern Powerhouse? We've heard of it. So yes prepare for change as that is the only constant.

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