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The REAL harm I regularly see in image cropping

The REAL harm I regularly see in image cropping is done by humans THEMSELVES when people hold their stupid phone cameras in super-skinny portrait mode and take photos or videos "that way" and expect ANYONE ELSE that is NOT a "4 incher" (someone that views the universe through a 4-inch screen) to actually be able to VIEW it without having to somehow rotate it 90 degrees to keep the brain from exploding trying to decipher the images on it without CLOSING ONE EYE first, because our eyes are SIDE BY SIDE and NOT VERTICAL.

>2:1 portrait mode REALLY STINKS. It's so BAD that when the news media needs to show these poorly oriented videos on a TV screen, they put fuzzy copies of it along the sides to make it closer to a square shape (they know it's bad, so they do what they can). Yet it still appears as if you are looking through an old-style keyhole (or a gap in a door jam) with both eyes open.

Maybe the REAL algorithmic flaw is from a lack of artistic ability or aesthetics when it comes to photography in general, from such cluelessness being embedded within the AI design, and you get what you get.

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