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Google Play puts Android apps on notice: No naughty JavaScript, Python, Lua

heyrick Silver badge

"Developers must provide accurate information related to personal or sensitive user data their apps collect, use, or share."

Does this apply to Google as well as to everybody else?

Given the GDPR requires "informed consent", please can everybody stop using the phrase "and our partners". They are not your partners, you're just happy to throw our data at them because they'll pay you something. Name all of them, what data is being shared with each, and why. Anything less and informed consent is simply not possible.

Oh, and can we please have all this crap written in plain English rather than obfuscated within a pile of legalese that might not even be valid in my jurisdiction...not that we'd even know without legal advice from somebody actually qualified to read those many paragraphs and understand what all the phrases mean.

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