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"Socialism in practice works great."

In small scale yes, at government level not once.

"Without it we would not be able to afford the meds my partner takes daily or the operations she's had to correct her medical issues, I would not have gone to university and would probably not have a job in IT."

I am guessing your not in a socialist country then as they wouldnt be able to afford meds and the operations probably wouldnt happen in time. I do wonder how many people travel to socialist countries for education? I know they try to leave said countries to get a better life/education but does anyone go to a socialist country to get an education?

"Socialism is not communism"

True yet communism is socialism.

"and before you say it doesn't work you should look at the UK and Europe"

Erm what? Russia is in Europe and imposed its socialism on various countries of Europe. The UK isnt socialist as much as some people wish it was, although its government run institutions do seem a good warning against increased socialism. I recall one of the nordics correcting Bernie when he tried to call them socialist.

"than the temple of capitalism and rampant consumerism than the USA"

The US that people try to get to especially those fleeing socialists?

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