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Google Play puts Android apps on notice: No naughty JavaScript, Python, Lua

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User thinks they're giving *apps* permissions, but they're giving *companies* and their corporate allies and anyone that can fake their cert permission.

As soon as you grant a permission, that data is slurped out of your device to corp. Even if you revoke the permission later, too late, your data is getting passed around and resold. The issue is a giant surveillance and marketing company being in charge of security on a connected device.

It strikes me that Huawei, with its HarmonyOS, could incorporate a firewall, and make that a big selling point of its product..... bigger than 5G, where as others, with their Google Play contracts could not.

Add a firewall to your devices Huawei, make it a big selling point in your marketing.

Lemonade is a popular drink.

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