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"What are Ofcom going to do about a cloud of satellites launched elsewhere"

They'll apply the usual regulatory sanctions. After all, these are economic ventures aimed at turning a profit. They want to be able to operate in the UK.

And if the operator doesn't have a UK presence, then there's the ITU. Even if they haven't got their act together over satellites, I'm sure there are mechanisms via which they can be sanctioned - no nation wants to end up with international telecommunications curtailed because of a bunch of pirates located in their territory.

Also governments can talk to governments. Beaming random interference over a nation is a hostile act. I imagine the US government/FCC would lean on its operators to shut down transmissions over the UK. For other governments, it will depend on how much they want to up the temperature. But if they're prepared to do that to us, then we, or our allies, could do the same back. It benefits everyone to have some order. The only way I can see some fly-by-night operator getting away with flagrant violations of reasonable licencing restrictions would be if it was a John-McAfee wannabe operating a handful of satellites out of a tropical island.

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