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Surely you know by now not to take anything the Feds say seriously?

Trump was out and about at the weekend babbling about the routers used in polling places in the last election -- they have to have the routers because they're generating lots of votes and swinging the election (and so on). Its probably dawning on even the most stupid that the Dominion voting machines were not connected to anything so they are -- as we've been telling them -- merely ballot printers. So the next straw is the routers used to connect the clerks' laptops to the county voter database, the ones used to verify voter's signatures. (The ones were used were Crate devices, they were connected through the cell network directly to county.) So if you believe anything these politicians tell you you're in for a rough time when reality hits.

Its quite easy to monitor network traffic from a quadcopter to see what and who its talking to. You don't need the immense resources of the US government to do this and I'm pretty sure that if DJI had been interested in spying (any more than the normal commercial stuff we take for granted) then we'd have all known about it. Its just noise. The problem is that the 'merkan alternatives are not only nosebleed expensive but also are functionally deficient (they also use a lot of Chinese made components) so a couple of DJI devices were tentatively cleared for use by the government. They're needed for stuff like fighting wildfires, search and rescue and other sorts of things that don't permeate the typical politician/pundit's skull ("unless there's political capital in them thar hills, of course). Job #1 for the Feds should be "re-establishing credibility" and they're not going to do this by pretending that nothing's wrong.

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