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Docker solves a lot of problems to do with environments. There's never just a JAR file, there's everything that goes around it, all the libraries it uses, and the interpreter running the whole thing*. Docker allows you to easily manage all those things. Docker is well worth the effort in my opinion.

k8s is more meh. It's great, we use it for all our deployments, but it is so complex we have a team of 6 managing it and assisting making changes to the clusters. There is a lot of new shiny around the tooling on it, since no-one wants to write manifests by hand, and there's always a new thing coming up - for instance we switched from helm to tanka/ksonnet - not trivial.

Plus, k8s sucks as a developer. Yes, you can use minikube or k3s or a bunch of different solutions and apply manifests on your local machine, but its vastly more complex than just docker-compose. The very best solution for live editing a project in a docker container involves rsyncing files to a running container. So. Dumb. Or you start adding more and more services like Ambassador, Telepresence, Skaffold or Tilt into the mix. So. Complex.

Developers want to run their code in some local setup that's simple to setup and use. Docker containers do that, docker-compose is simple for orchestrating that in development, so we develop in one system and deploy in another. Not so great.

If I interviewed somewhere and they didn't deploy their code using containers, or do local development using containers in some way, I also probably would not take the job (unless of course, the job is helping them move to such a setup and they wanted to pay me lots of money)

* I might be getting some things wrong here, been a while since I did things in Java

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